Best video editing course in Kerala

The video editing course in Kerala Lime tea Academy, Kerala will guide you through the evolution of architecture. It develops your abilities from the ground up and allows you to experiment and learn not only from computer designing but also from compositing.  You will learn video editing and motion graphics in this course in addition to designing and its history. You can become an expert at post-production video work in addition to Photoshop and Illustrator!

Eligibility for the video editing course

Students with any level of education, including just a +2 diploma, are welcome to enrol in this course. It would be ideal if you had design experience. We favor those who have a talent for both design and the technical aspects of video creation. This course will cover your needs whether you’re a beginner trying to develop your talents and earn money from your skills or a professional looking to step up your game.

Opportunities for the video editing course in Kerala

Video editor create original work by utilizing a variety of technology and materials, including music, images, and typography. The task of creating the final product from the raw material shot falls to a video editor. This is compiling the footage into a single, coherent movie or film while adhering to an outline, script, or shot list.

Multimedia artists construct storyboards and plot lines to advance a narrative in an animated movie or video game. To create original works, multimedia artists use a variety of technologies as well as elements including music, photographs, and typography.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC


You will learn how to edit your own videos in this course using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, the industry standard video editing programme. Additionally, you’ll discover how to add pictures, titles, lower thirds, and more to your own incredible web content. In order to publish your finished videos to Facebook, YouTube, or any other online location, you will learn how to render and export them using the appropriate video codecs.


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